A portion of your purchase today goes to support the Movember Foundation.

Your purchase today supports the Movember Foundation

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To adjust the delivery frequency of your Plan just log in to your account and select “Upcoming Order” and click the arrow below "Frequency." Use the + and - icons to adjust to your desired frequency, and then click "Done."

Nope! We’re all about keeping it custom, so just like your color, you have options when placing an order! You will have two choices when ordering, either joining our Color Plan or ordering your color one-at-a-time. If you decide to place an order and be on our Color Plan, you’ll see information about our recurring service during checkout. This just explains that you can skip, modify, or turn off the service at any time through your account or by giving us a call. You can also choose single shipment options if you would like. The biggest advantage of our Color Plan is that you receive 20% off of every order. The decision is yours.

Delivered on your clock.

Schedule your Color Case delivery when you want it. Then we send you everything right to your door automatically, so you’re always ready for a touchup.


Receive 20% off every order. Plus, get free shipping—always.

Frequency is up to you.

You're free to skip or cancel your Plan anytime. 

With a Color Plan, your color will autoship to your door for 20% off the regular price. You're free to skip or cancel your Plan, and adjust the frequency, at any time. Plus, you get free shipping on color all the time.

We’re here for you.

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