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How-to Videos and Quick Tips

Your go-to hub for colorist tips and tutorials to help you color at home.

Video tutorials and tips to help
you color at home.

Video explaining how to color short hairVideo explaining how to color short hair
While you color

How to Color Short Hair

A step-by-step walkthrough of short hair application.



Video explaining how to use the beard tool by Colorsmith.Video explaining how to use the beard tool by Colorsmith.
While you color

How to Use the Beard Tool for Color Application

A step-by-step walkthrough of beard and mustache hair color application.



Video explaining how to set up and prepVideo explaining how to set up and prep
Prep your color

How to Set Up & Prep

How to set up your station and prep your custom color.



Video explaining demi permanent vs. permanent hair colorVideo explaining demi permanent vs. permanent hair color
Prep your color

Demi-permanent vs. Permanent Hair Color

Their differences, results, and which is best for you.



Video explaining how to determine gray percentageVideo explaining how to determine gray percentage
Prep your color

How Much Gray Do I Have?

How to figure out your salt-to-pepper ratio.



Video explaining how to color all hair lengthsVideo explaining how to color all hair lengths
While you color

How to Color All Hair Lengths

A step-by-step walkthrough of hair color application.



Rabih’s Color ExperienceRabih’s Color Experience
While you color

Rabih’s Color Experience

Rabih walks you through his Colorsmith application.



Video explaining why to go customVideo explaining why to go custom
Prep your color

Why Go Custom?

Unlimited color options and 1/4th shade adjustments.



Quick Tips

Looking for fast answers to your color questions? You’re in the right place.

Find fast answers to your color questions.

Application takes less than 5 minutes, but processing times are a little different for every guy since your instructions are personalized. In addition, processing can take up to 10 minutes for demi-permanent and up to 30 minutes for permanent.

Man applying Colorsmith Custom Color to blend gray hair

Yes, you can absolutely apply your color to your beard and mustache to match your hair. Please be sure to do an allergy test a day before you color, you can find these instructions in your personalized instructions. We do not recommend you apply color to your eyebrows or eye area to be safe.

That depends on how much gray you started with and the results you’re looking to achieve. Here’s an example from our client who went from fully gray to a few grays blended, to help you visualize your potential custom color results. We’re happy to help if you have any other questions.

Man with all grays covered vs. no gray hair

Demi-permanent hair color fades gradually, lasting up to 24 washes, while permanent hair color begins to fade after about 4-6 weeks. Some factors that can cause your color to fade prematurely are sun exposure, chlorine, too-frequent washing, or using cleansers and conditioners that are not specifically made for color-treated hair. Need a recommendation for cleansers and conditioners? Send your colorist a quick message.

Two males with individually crafted hair color

It’s all about preparing your space and wearing the right clothes. Make sure to cover your floors and countertops with old towels or sheets to catch any hair color splatter. Try wearing a dark t-shirt while you color since you don’t want to ruin that nice dress shirt your mom bought you. We also send you an awesome Stain Guard you can apply around your hairline to prevent staining.

Man applying Colorsmith Custom Color

Stains happen, but as long as you get to the stain quickly, it should be easy to remove. To remove stains from your skin, try our Stain Remover towelette that’s included in your Color Case. Try a combination of baking soda or OxiClean and water for countertops and floors. For glazed, protected floors, try using an even combination of bleach and water or Barkeeper’s Friend. To get rid of stains in porcelain sinks, try bleach and water or OxiClean and water.

Packet of Colorsmith Stain Remover

You have 0% gray if you’re not seeing any gray hair throughout your natural color. If you’re someone who has a dash of salt and mostly pepper, that’s considered up to 25% gray. If you’re seeing mostly salt with just a touch of pepper, you’re up to 75% gray. For our guys who see all salt—you’re fully gray. If you need help, send your colorist your most-recent photo by uploading it into your account.

Men with varying amounts of gray hair

Our demi-permanent hair color is Ammonia-, Resorcinol-, and PPD-free, and deposits color pigment onto the hair. The color fades gradually with subtle results to help with gray blending.

Our permanent hair color is also Ammonia-, Resorcinol-, and PPD-free, and permanently changes the natural pigment of your hair. It’s made with Monoethanolamine (or MEA) to provide full gray coverage.

Demi-Permanent vs. Permanent hair color

Permanent hair color is sometimes easier to spot since it creates a visible line in your hair once new growth sets in. If you have demi-permanent hair color, it would gradually fade away without any visible lines. You can also send your personal colorist a recent photo of your hair and they can help. Or check your account.

Your personal colorist is a big part of what makes custom color different. Instead of simply sending you a premade color, your colorist crafts your color from scratch and works with you to get you the results you want. They’re also there to help long after you’ve applied, to help make adjustments down to 1/4th of a single shade. Need product recommendations? They can help with that too. Think of your colorist as your guide to custom hair color.

Expert colorist analyzing hair color swatches

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